Sharing our resources with other Christians and those in need has been
a central part of Christianity since the very first days of the early church.
Part of our worship is expressed in giving back to the Lord from the
income with which He has blessed us. We often hear the expression “if
this ministry’s been a blessing to you, wed appreciate your support”.
While this is certainly a logical response, our giving should be more than
“simply paying for services” our offerings are first to bless and honor
God, and second to support and participate in the ministry of the
church.  Gifts and donations to Eastport Baptist are used to further God’
s kingdom in many ways.  Support for the ministry enables our ongoing
outreaches through:

Outreach to Children through sports activities, Awana clubs, etc
Outreach to Teens through special events & relational activities
Outreaches like the Sportsmen's Banquet in Jesus name
Financial aid for crisis situations through our benevolent  
ministry, Good Samaritans, Children's homes, etc.
Support of foreign missions
And SO MUCH MORE that Jesus is still revealing to us...
When Designating a Special Gift
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God invites us to be generous.