Understanding Your Bible

SessIon 1:   Welcome    Lesson Notes    O.T. History

SessIon 2    How the Old Testament Fits Together, Part 1  
 Lesson Notes      Bible at a Glance     Hebrew/English Order   

SessIon 3:
How the Old Testament Fits Together Part 2  
 Kings & Prophets
SessIon 4:
How the New Testament Fits Together Part 1
                  Lesson Notes    

Session 5:  
How the New Testament Fits Together Part 2
Session 6:
The Fundamentals                  Lesson Notes

Session 7: Interpreting the NT Epistles     Lesson Notes      Worksheet

Session 8: Doing the Worksheet for NT Epistles  

Session 9:
Application                          Lesson Notes

Session 10: Understanding Narratives           Lesson Notes

Session 11:  Practice session, no recording

Session 12:
Understanding Parables         Lesson Notes

Session 13: Old Testament Quotes        Lesson Notes

Session 14: Understanding Covenants        Lesson Notes

Session 15  Understanding Covenants, pt 2    

Session 16 Understanding Dispensations   Lesson Notes

Session 17 Understanding Poetry   Lesson Notes

Session 18:  Practice session, no recording

Session 19
Understanding Wisdom Literature  Lesson Notes

Session 20  Understanding Typology    Lesson Notes

Session 21  Understanding Prophecy    Lesson Notes

Session 22  Understanding Apocalyptic   Lesson Notes

Session 23  Understanding Apocalyptic part 2
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Rudiments - Discovering our Faith

Session 1:  Characteristics of the Bible - Bibliology
Lesson Notes

Session 2:  Who is God?  Part 1 - Theology Proper
Lesson Notes

Session 3:  Who is God?  Part 2 - Theology Proper
Lesson Notes

Session 4:  Christ our Savior - Christology
Lesson Notes

Session 5:  Jesus' Ministries - Christology
Lesson Notes

Session 6:  So Great Salvation - Soteriology
Lesson Notes

Session 7:  The Holy Spirit - Pnuematology
Lesson Notes

Session 8: Man and Sin - Anthropology and Harmartiology
Lesson Notes

Session 9: Angels - Angelology
Lesson Notes

Session 10: Church - Ecclesiology
Lesson Notes
Transform - Teaching that Changes Lives

Session 1:  A God Centered Approach        Lesson Notes

Session 2: A Transformational Model   
Lesson Notes

Session 3:   Key questions to a Great Lesson        Lesson Notes

Session 4: Creating Teachable Moments        Lesson Notes

Session 5: Story Telling        Lesson Notes