Club Information

Drop off and pick up times
Parents are invited to drop off their children from 5:50 - 6:00 pm.  Club starts promptly
at 6 pm.  We will do everything we can to have your child(ren) ready at 7:30 pm.  If you
are late, please call the church (599-2122) so we can tell your child.

Snow Days
If you have facebook click "like us" and you will get our latest announcements and
updates is the weather is bad enough to cancel club.  We will call  you if you don't have
facebook when clubs are cancelled.  

What to Wear?
School clothes are fine with tennis shoes for game time.  Uniforms are greatly
encouraged.  If you cannot afford a uniform let us know, scholarships are available.

Dues are 50 cents a week.  You can pay for the whole year at once which is $13.00.

Uniform and Handbooks
Eastport Club t-shirts for all ages just $6.00
Cubbies   Handbook    $9.50        Handbag      $6.75
Sparks      Handbook    $9.50        Handbag      $6.75
T & T          Handbook    $9.50        Sling              $8.00

What do Kids do in Awana?

Handbook Time
Each clubber will receive a workbook to learn Bible verses.  Parents are
encouraged to work with their children during the week so they can pass
sections and receive awards.

Council Time
Clubbers get to sing and learn exciting Bible stories and lessons.

Games and Special Events
All clubbers get to play group groups games in the gym.  Some days there will
be special events  in which a variety of activities are planned, i.e. crafts, parties,
races, etc...


Entrance Booklet
New clubbers are given entrance booklets which must be completed
before becoming a club member.  Upon completion your child may purchase a
uniform and handbook.

Attendance Award
When a clubber has only one unexcused absence per quarter.

Sunday School Award
When a clubber attends any Sunday School with only 2 unexcused absences
per 2 quarters of club.  If you have no SS you are welcome to attend ours on
Sunday Mornings at 11 am.
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